Intraoral Camera Reveals All

Spies in comic books use miniature cameras to secretly take pictures. We, too, have a miniature camera, but we use it to show you exactly what is happening in your mouth. This new technology is called an intraoral camera. Image

Gone are the days of using a mirror that gave you only partial glimpses of your teeth. Also gone are the concerns of potentially missing a problem area that can easily be overlooked when we do a visual examination.

An intraoral camera uses a tiny video camera at the tip of a wand that is about the size of a ballpoint pen. The camera is powered by electricity; there is no radiation. As we slowly move the wand throughout your mouth, the large, full-color images instantly appear on a TV screen or a computer monitor. Image

We can see oral diseases and issues when they are in their early stage, which allows us to prevent a serious problem later. We can also show you how well you are doing with your oral homecare because plaque can clearly be seen with the camera. With the intraoral camera, we can show you the problem areas so that you can better understand your dental needs and make informed, confident decisions about your oral healthcare.

This technology lets us store images in your records. The images can be printed for you to take home, and they can be sent to your insurance company or to a specialist. Best of all, an intraoral camera gives you the opportunity to take an active role in your dental treatment.

When we can intervene early, we protect you from suffering more serious dental problems, save you time and money, and get you back to health as quickly as possible.

Call us right away if you are experiencing a dental problem or if it is time for your routine exam. Smart technology can help your teeth to last you a lifetime. Open wide, and smile for the camera! 


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