With Invisalign, all you’ll need to adjust is your new smile!

If it weren’t for the remarkable way it was transforming your smile, you’d hardly even notice it. Since Invisalign is clear and removeable it allows you live your life.

*Time for a snack? No problem, take out you aligners to eat or drink whenever you want!
*Since Invisalign is virtually invisible, chances are no one will even notice anyting is different, until your new smile is revealed, of course!
*You can remove your Invisalign aligners, so you can brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth and gums health.
*You can remove you Invisaling aligners on occasion and enjoy a special night out with that special someone.
*There’s no need to change a thing. Continue you day-to-day life while still straightening your teeth.
*Be yourself with invisalign. Since it’s clear you don’t have to hide your smile while going through treatment.
*With Invisalign it’s easy to make your smile picture perfect for any special occasion.
*Invisalign appointments work with your schedule. Most visits are in and out, with a quick progress check, once every six weeks.

Is Invisalign right fo You?? For more information on Invisalign visit our website. Call for a FREE consultation in our Salt Lake City, Utah office to take advantage of our March Madness Special, over $600 off!!! Don’t miss out!   


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