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Have you been considering dentures in  Salt Lake City, UT? If so, come on in to Dental Designs of Salt Lake and meet with Dr. David Duke and his team for a free consultation today.

Below is some information about dentures along with its advatages and disadvantages. If you have any questions regarding dentures please feel free to give us a call at (801)355-2202.


What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth typically made out of an acrylic resin which at times incorporate porcelain or metal for additional structural support. There are two main types of dentures. Both Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures are finely crafted, custom-fitted. If you properly maintain your dentures they will appear natural and provide a perfect smile. Additionally, dentures help strengthen muscles controlling your expressions that require the support of your teeth, rid you of pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth and aid with chewing.

Who is a candidate for dentures?

If you’ve lost, or are losing, all of your teeth a Complete Denture is something to discuss with your cosmetic dentist. If some of your teeth remain and are healthy, a partial denture may be your way to a great smile.

This procedure should be thoroughly discussed with your dentist as there are several personal and medical factors to take into consideration. You may instead be a candidate for dental bridges and dental implants as optional procedures.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

These replace all of your teeth, upper or lower. Their comfort depends on muscle, bones, tongue, and saliva. Patients begin wearing conventional dentures after healing the teeth that were pulled.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are placed all at once, and may require additional adjustments after the healing process. It can take months for your bone and tissue to stabilize after tooth extractions.

Upper Dentures

Upper Dentures, tend to be a bit easier to adjust to. These are made of the same materials as a Complete Denture, but are designed to provide you with upper teeth only.

Over Dentures

Over Dentures are a type of conventional denture similar to Complete Dentures. The difference is that not all teeth are extracted and they use one or more natural teeth for their support. This type provides greater stabilization during chewing. Over Dentures cost more and typically require more preparation dental appointments until the procedure is fully complete.

Partial Dentures

Designed to correct the gaps in your smile when only some of your teeth are missing. Metal attachments anchor the dentures to your natural teeth. Partial Dentures maintain tooth alignment by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting. Partial Dentures can also help prevent your loss of more teeth due to decay or gum disease.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dentures

Pros and Cons of a Dentures


Dentures definitely provide a great smile with a very natural appearance. They’re made of very durable materials and last very long when properly taken care of. Typically dentures last from five to ten years. They also correct several problems, from speech to chewing, for many patients.


There’s no doubt that dentures take a little getting used to. There is maintenance involved, and initial speech issues to overcome (these are temporary and last only a couple of days). Mouth irritation or sores may occur, but are usually caused by poor dental hygiene, and not removing your dentures when needed. It is common that your mouth changes over the life of your dentures, so even though they last long, they may need to be replaced to achieve a better fit before they are worn out. With a denture a person typically chews at only 15-23% efficiency compared to a person chewing with their natural teeth. In the case of a full upper denture, the upper palate is covered which can reduce taste of foods you’re chewing.

Before Dentures Procedure
After Dentures Procedure

Before                                                                      After


Dental Implants Vs. Removable Dentures

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There are so many ADVANTAGES to Dental Implants!  Routinely updated techniques and advances in Dental Technology make Dental Implants the ideal choice in tooth replacement! Call our Salt Lake City Dental Office today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and let us give you the smile you deserve!

Oral Hygiene:

With Individual Dental Implants, brushing and flossing can be done as normal, with no special floss or daily cleaning necessary.  The ease of proper cleaning  Dental Implants offer can greatly reduce the possibility of periodontal disease or bone recession.

Esthetic Appearance and Self-Esteem:

Dental Implants are natural looking and feeling. They can give you back your smile and help you feel better about yourself. One of our favorite quotes is “The World always looks brighter from behind a Smile.” –Author Unknown

Removable Dentures can improve your smile by replacing missing teeth, but typically will not look as Natural as Individual Dental Implants. Dentures also have a tendency to click and shift as you smile or speak.

A Permanent Solution:

Dental Implants are designed to fuse with bone, making them a permanent part of you! Due to the Strength of Dental Implants you will be able to eat your favorite foods with confidence and never have to worry about chewing difficult foods.

Improved Speech and Comfort:

Dentures can move or slip if they are poorly fitted, causing some to slur their words or hinder clear pronunciation when speaking.  Dental Implants never move and allow you to speak normally with Confidence Dental Implants also eliminate the discomfort some will feel when eating with removable dentures and the embarrassment of removing dentures to clean them.

Long-term Oral Health and Convenience:

Dental Implants are very durable and are made to Last a Lifetime.  With the proper care and cleaning, Dental Implants will act, look, and feel like your natural teeth for years to come.  Dental Implants also avoid additional monthly costs by eliminating the need for denture adhesives or special cleaning products. 

          Our Salt Lake City Dental Office is proud to offer Dental Implants to improve the smiles and confidence of our patients!  We love to improve our patient’s quality of life by offering gentle dentistry and the best technology available.  Check out our website for more information or to view before and after photos of a few of our patients.  Feel free to call our Salt Lake City Dental Office at 801-355-2202 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today and let us help you achieve The smile you desire with the dentistry you deserve.